Sampler Packs

Stringjoy Best-Selling Pick Sampler – 10 Pack

Want to try our picks but don't know where to...

Classic Picks Best Sellers

Stringjoy .73mm Lemon Classic Picks – 10 pack

"These .73mm Classic picks are a great compromise between heavier...

Stringjoy .88mm Key Lime Classic Picks – 10 pack

"The first pick I ever owned was a pea green...

Stringjoy .60mm Orange Soda Classic Picks – 10 pack

"When I used to do some production work, the most...

Stringjoy 1.0mm Blueberry Classic Picks – 10 pack

"This pick is best for players who want a heavier...

Stringjoy .50mm Strawberry Classic Picks – 10 pack

"These picks are not only light and smooth, but they're...

Stringjoy 1.5mm Black Cherry Classic Picks – 10 pack

"One of the first shows I ever played, I found...

Jazz Picks Best Sellers

Stringjoy 1.5mm Black Cherry Jazz Picks – 10 pack

"This is the pick if you want maximum speed and...

Stringjoy 1.14mm Grape Jazz Picks – 10 pack

"I love this one for its smaller size but killer...

Stringjoy 1.0mm Blueberry Jazz Picks – 10 pack

"I love this one because it is just the right...

Stringjoy .88mm Key Lime Jazz Picks – 10 pack

"These .88mm jazz picks are the perfect option for players...

Stringjoy .60mm Orange Soda Jazz Picks – 10 pack

"These picks are a great option for players than switch...

Stringjoy .73mm Lemon Jazz Picks – 10 pack

"These picks are great for flexible players who need a...

Jumbo Picks Best Sellers