Stringjoy Thin .50mm Tortoise Mosaic Picks - 10 Pack


Stringjoy Thin .50mm Mosaic Celluloid Picks – 10 Pack

“These Thin gauge celluloid picks are a great option for the acoustic strummer—the thickness is just right to give you a shimmery, present strum that will sit great in the mix.” – Scott, founder of Stringjoy

Stringjoy’s celluloid mosaic picks harken back to the post-war era of highly detailed brightly colored plectrums. Tonally, they are all about balance. These picks give you a tight, focused balance of lows, mids, and highs, giving you great depth and precision on the bottom end, and plenty of sparkle on the top-end.

Because of their harder, less porous surface, these plectrums have excellent pick attack and rebound very well off the string.


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