Tri-tip - blue

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Stringjoy 1.0mm Blueberry Tri-Tip Picks – 10 pack

“This was the first thickness of Tri-Tip I ever picked up. Until then, I never would have though I would like a pick shaped like this, but I just loved the way it felt in my hand so much, and have enjoyed them ever since.” – Scott, founder of Stringjoy

These are the only picks you’re ever going to want to use.

Here’s why: They have excellent grip, they’re tougher than nails, and they sound more natural against the strings than any other picks out there.

Many players prefer the Tri-Tip pick shape for it’s more substantial feel, and because it solves the problem of your pick turning onto the wrong side while playing aggressively — If your pick starts to rotate in your hand, you always have another point available.


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