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This year has been so insane that we’ve gone ahead and made a page to regularly update our company status and lead times amid everything these crazy times have thrown at us. Fortunately, on our end, we’ve been able to navigate the situation effectively and get our shipping and processing times back as close to their normal timeframe as possible (see details below for the latest).

Processing lead times

We’re currently back to normal lead times (or at least, what has been normal during COVID) as reflected below.

Domestic Shipping Delays

As of January 2021, the USPS shipping delays we saw in the holiday season have largely subsided and we are now seeing most orders delivered in the typical 3-7 business day timeframe for First-Class Mail. Priority Mail is still taking a shade longer than usual (it’s averaging 3-4 days versus the 2-3 days it was pre-pandemic), but it appears many of the postal delays are behind us for now, with the occasional exception happening 2% or less of the time.

International Shipping Delays

International orders are still seeing quite a few delays that are too varied to list here and depend upon how fast and how backed up the local customs and postal departments are in each individual country. Typically international orders are still arriving in their usual 4-week timeframe, but we have seen as high as 8-10 weeks in some countries. Please remember that we’re are in a global pandemic, international supply lines are fractured, and we are a small company in Nashville with absolutely no power over the customs and postal departments in your country. If you are abroad and are concerned about receiving your order in a timely manner, please do not place an order right now.

Current Production Lead Times

80% of orders are shipping within 2-3 business days
20% of orders are shipping within 4-6 business days

Though we are pleased to have done a good job handling everything that has been thrown at us thus far with COVID-19, it remains an ever-evolving situation and we expect more changes will occur before it is all over. We will update this page when/if they do.

We’re sending our thoughts out to everyone that’s been affected by the trials this year has thrown at us all. If we can help with anything at all, just holler.

Be safe. Be strong. 


18 Responses

  1. I ordered 12 string,electric,and acoustic guitar. So I am really really excited to try them out on each of my guitars!!!! I have also been using the elixir strings on my acoustic and the GHS strings on my electrics!!! I will post after I receive them and set my guitars up!!!!

  2. I have elixirs on every acoustic guitar i own (12) .i ordered a string joy set this morning.The tough part will be which guitar do i use for a guinea pig? .ill forward my comment pro,or con when i string up a guitar with string joy strings.if their strings are as good as their customer service and help,i wont be dissapointed

  3. I wasn’t even aware u guys made acoustic strings ??? Where have I been ? I can’t wait to get em on my Gibson!!!! I do love Dadarrio, but these seem to be even closer to what I’m looking for, and then u throw in the face they are handmade in Nashville! I recently started using V picks and they also based in Nashville and are top notch A-1 picks. Folks that are making a living, producing any part of the instrument and music accessory industry , in Nashville it won’t even come close to making it if it’s not for real. Looking forward to popping em on. Got the lemon oil ready!

  4. After getting settled in with my new bass strings, that you folks so lovingly created just for me (or at least that’s how they feel…), I decided it was time to try some acoustic strings on my Martin and the kid-let’s Yamaha E-Acoustics. Don’t rush due to the virus. Take your time, it’s understood. I’m sure we’ll be pleasantly rewarded for a bit of patience. Cheers..!

  5. No problem… no one can complain about your service and product. Ship them when you can, stay safe…

  6. Looking forward to trying these out. Hoping they have a nice bright sound and last longer than others. So far the Elixer Nanoweb 80/20 custom lights have been the best I’ve tried.

  7. Ya’ll are awesome for working every day just to get us strings. I love ya’ll’s products. Don’t stop being awesome! (Thanks Scott for the Youtube videos that got me hooked on these strings whenever I can afford new ones. Not saying they are expensive (have you seen Pyramid 12 String Flatwounds?!) I’m just broke. Lol

  8. StringJoy Team,

    You guys are first class, in a day and age when its almost impossible to get a quality product with excellent support you guys not only achieve both you excel at it.
    A big thank you to the StringJoy team for continuing to offer an outstanding product and service during this unprecedented event we are all experiencing.

    Stay healthy and thank you all! !!
    Kindest regards, Scott

  9. You my friends are good people. Not only are you producing a great product, you are looking after your employees as well as your customers. I love your product, but you really sold me on who you are with simply making sure your employees are able to keep going without financial worry. That is big, very big. I look forward to the article on tone. I made it through the first few and am intrigued. My employer kept us working, albeit at a reduced hour format, and I am grateful to still be able to go to the shop every morning. I will be ordering 2 more sets today. You are a class act,
    Be well everybody

  10. I just LOVE your strings! I have 2 elevyric guitars, and 2 acoustics. I have Str