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Why Subscribe to Guitar Strings?

Better Tone

Fresh strings have a fuller, more harmonically-rich tonality, and when you change them on a regular schedule, you always get the most from your guitar.

Less Breakage

When you keep your strings fresh, you stop pre-mature breakage before it starts so your strings never hang you out to dry when it counts.

Less Hassle

Never have to remember to order strings again! Your strings show up on your schedule, right when you need them and not a moment too late.

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Auto-Restock Program

Auto-Restock is an optional service we offer so that players can get the products they need on a schedule they set, without having to come back and place a new order every time.

How do you make this magic happen?
All of our subscribe-able products have an “auto-restock” option above the add to cart button.

Select the frequency you’d like to receive this set at from here. To modify the number of sets you receive in each shipment, use the “Quantity” field above the “Add to Cart” button. Then continue to checkout as normal.
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