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Stringjoy Reviews: Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar Strings

Stringjoy Reviews

We wanted to make it easy for everybody to check out some honest Stringjoy reviews, that show our strings in use out in the real world, in a number of different applications and styles.

Even though you’ll never know exactly what our strings will sound like until you get them on your own guitar and play them through your own rig, these reviews should give you an idea of the rich, sparkly, new string tone that awaits you when you do pull the trigger on your own set of Stringjoy strings.

Enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions I can answer!

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These are honest Stringjoy reviews made independently by real users. No monetary compensation was provided, or requested, for any of these reviews.

6 String Electric Guitar String Reviews:

All of our 6 string electric guitar strings are made in the USA from all-American nickel and steel. We utilize a higher nickel content in our wrap wires than many companies do, which gives them a fuller, richer tone—that lasts for longer.

We offer a huge selection of gauges, and infinite customization on our electric strings—but look extra carefully at our Balanced string sets, which are the most popular and versatile sets we offer.

Extended Range Electric Guitar String Reviews:

Just like our 6 string sets, our 7 string and 8 string electric guitar string sets are handmade in the USA, and carefully inspected by a real human being before they ever make it out the door. On top of that, we don’t skimp on the bottom end of our extended range sets. We use heavy enough strings to give you a perfectly balanced tension response across the entire fretboard.

Every set is also fully customizable, so you can opt for even heavier or lighter strings as needed to perfectly fit alternate tunings or longer scale lengths.

Naturals | Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar String Reviews

With our Naturals acoustic guitar strings, our focus was to come up with an alloy that highlights the authentic, woody tone of an acoustic guitar—without imparting an unnatural “scooped” frequency response.

A type of phosphor bronze, we believe our Natural Bronze™ is the perfect fit for players that want the most balanced tonality out of their guitar, with excellent string lifespan.

Bass Guitar String Reviews:

All of our bass guitar strings utilize round cores to get the fullest, biggest, boomiest bass tone possible—but with enough high end to still cut through in all the right places.

We offer a broad range of bass gauges, from .020 to .145, and every set can be customized to perfectly suit your needs (that said, you should definitely check out our standard Balanced sets first, as those are all fine-tuned for maximum versatility).

16 Responses

  1. I have to say that as a weird gauge user, I am impressed. I tune to D standard with different scale lengths. I have ordered custom sets in a 9 1/2-52 for D standard for a 24 3/4 scale, 9-50 25 1/2 scale and recently a custom set 9-64 7 string set, low A to high D. These strings are absolutely phenomenal!!!! As of now I cannot see myself buying another company’s strings. Bright, minimal stretching and they STAY IN TUNE!!!!! I really only use Floyd systems and other brands after a couple days I wind up unlocking the nut stretching and tuning again. Not Stringjoy. Pretty sure I’m going to be a life time user. Now, if only they would introduce a Monel line……. that would be the ultimate……

  2. Good Day,

    I don’t normally write reviews. I am a full time musician with over 120 shows yearly with my band. I have been using Gibson strings on my acoustic. Decided to try the .12 Stringjoy’s. Amazing difference I think you might have a long term customer here. Keep up the good work.

  3. This is a question. I own an Ovation acoustic/electric with a shallow bowl. I put some heavier strings on it..and while it seems to project more….I get a rattle at the high E and B…I think. It’s also a bit harder on bends..etc.
    I bought your electric lights for my strat…and boy!!! what a difference!
    I love your strings…so could you help me select a set for my Ovation? My style is contemporary Christian music, mostly strumming…very little lead on my Ovation. I do finger pick quite a bit. Hopefully, you have enough info to get me going.

  4. Wow! Just put balanced 9’s on American strat and G&L S500. The 12 on B string seemed a little funky at first but after playing them with my band I was impressed by the sound/brightness and tone of the strings. They enhanced the voice of the guitar in the overall instrument mix in a great way!

  5. Just strung my acoustic; it always had a beautiful sound, but the Stringjoy strings mellowed the tone like a fine coffee. I bought the extra lights, they’re great.

  6. Just ordered a set of your strings for my Epiphone Masterpiece Guitar. Looking forward to taking them for a ride to check out the sound.

  7. Hi in the next few months I will be needing a set of bass strings. I currently play. 45 – 100 daddario strings. I have watched your video on bass strings and it has me very interested.

  8. Hi there,
    Could you make me a set of electric blues/rock
    9 1/2.- 11 1/2. -16 – 26- 36 -46
    I look forward to hearing your strings.
    Ted Davi

    1. Hey Brian — grab a set and let us know what you think! For the most part we only make even gauges on our electric strings, but .010 – .012 – .018p – .030 – .038 – .050 would be a better fit anyhow.

      May also be worth notching down that 3rd string a bit as well, most guys that play the .010 – .012 combo use a .016 (as is the case with Mr. David Gilmour) but a .017 would be still better than an .018p

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