What Guitar Strings I Used To Play…

The Guitar Strings I Used To Play

Believe It or Not, I Didn’t Always Own A Guitar String Company

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and talk about the guitar strings I played growing up. I can fondly reflect on the weird Frankenstein guitar string sets I would arrange for my Les Paul, and the lessons they taught me. Those weird times prepared me to make (in my humble, and obviously biased opinion) the best guitar strings in the world. Some highs, lows, wound 3rds, and serious upgrades occurred but it was all worth it to end up where we have.

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  1. Hello Good People of StringJoy. I’ve been playing bass and guitar for several years. At this point I am primarily a bassist. I just wanted to say thanks for making such awesome Strings. They are extremely well balanced top to bottom, competitively priced and most importantly they sound great and have a very comfy feel to them. I’m one happy bassist!

  2. Hey Stringjoy peeps. I used to work at Gibson OAI and was the first to start the dovetail neckfits (since they started bolt in in 1969) on the mandolins downtown before moving into Oprymills. Just starting my own stringed instrument company on the side up here in Western Ma Berkshire County. Stop up anytime. I just ordered two sets for my personal guitars waiting on some née locking tuners befor I string em up. I love the sound of what you’re doing. Any discography that I can listen to players who record with your strings? I’ll let you know how I like my new sets. Thanks for doing what you do! Peace

    1. Hi Eric. I’m Mike and I live in Lanesborough. I’m sure you know where that is. I was wondering where you are. I play guitar as well as collect them. I had about 450 a couple years ago but sold a bunch. Down to about 350 now. I have 20-30 or so amps as well. Not an aggressive seller. Mostly sell to friends and have a guitar yard sale once or twice a year. I’d love to check out your stuff if your up for it.

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