Stringjoy Factory Tour with Rhett Shull

Stringjoy founder Scott shows off a freshly crafted Strings to Rhett Shull

Our friend Rhett Shull took a trip to Nashville and asked to see what makes our process so unique – how could we say no!?
In this video, Stringjoy founder Scott takes Rhett and Chris on the Stringjoy factory tour. From raw material preservation to hand-building sets, Scott shows off our step-by-step process and answers Rhett’s great questions. Check it out!

If you enjoyed this video and want to see which strings would be best for you, try our String Gauge Finder here and one of our String Experts will get back to you with a personalized recommendation for all favorite guitars.

One thing we recommend to Rhett is our Tension Calculator. This fun tool lets you visualize what a set of strings might feel like on your guitar. It will generate your guitar’s string-by-string tension depending on the gauges, tuning, and scale of your guitar. You can finally have a balanced version of that cool open tuning you like, or get those low strings ready for extreme drop tunings.

Once you find what is right for you, you can set up a subscription with our Auto-Restock Program, and we’ll automatically send you a set of strings as often as you’d like – with free shipping. Less hassle, less breakage, and better tone delivered to your door!

It’s not short, but there is a lot to learn in this factory tour to help you find the right strings for you – thanks again Rhett!

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  1. Hi. When I clicked on the factory tour video it took me to the guitar string selection video. Where is the factory tour video?

    1. Hi Greg, fear not, you’re in the right place. The video on this page is the factory tour video, it just has a title engineered to make it clickable on YouTube. Click play and you’ll see!

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