Holiday Gifts for Guitarists 2023

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It’s that time of the year again, and present buying is in full swing. Whether you need a gift for the guitar player in your life or you want to get something for yourself, now’s the time to get shopping! 

And if you don’t know what to get, don’t worry—this list can serve as your 2023 holiday gift guide for guitar players. From string packs and maintenance bundles to the hottest guitar accessories, pedals, and more of the year, there’s something perfect for every guitarist in our guide. 

So let’s get started and look at ten of the best gifts for guitarists this holiday season. 

1. Stringjoy String Bundle

Every guitarist needs strings, so why not pick-up a string bundle? Our Stringjoy string bundles are a perfect gift for any guitarist, beginners and experts alike. They’re also just small enough to make for a perfect stocking stuffer! 

Each bundle has six of our most popular string sets. No matter what gauge or type of string you prefer, you’ll get a wide range of strings that lets you explore and find the best set for you. You might even discover your next favorite set of strings. 

And to top it off, there are three different bundles—an electric string bundle, an acoustic string bundle, and an electric & acoustic string bundle. Whether that special guitarist in your life plays electric, acoustic, or both, our string bundles have you covered. 

2. Walrus Audio Fundamental Series Pedals

If you know guitarists, you know they can’t say no to a pedal. Pedals make for great gifts, but figuring out what to get can be a challenge—especially if you aren’t a player or very knowledgeable about gear. 

The Walrus Audio Fundamental Series however are a foolproof gift for guitarists. This is an affordable line of feature filled pedals from one of the most popular pedal companies around, Walrus Audio. 

This line of pedals features delay, reverb, fuzz, chorus, tremolo, phaser, drive, and distortion. Whether you’re dealing with a fuzz aficionado or a beginner with just one or two pedals, there’s something in this lineup for everyone.

3. Stringjoy Leather Guitar Strap

Just like strings, every guitarist needs a strap. That said, straps are something that guitarists are often reluctant to spend more than a couple bucks on—which makes them the perfect holiday gift!

Our Stringjoy leather guitar straps (in brown and black) are crafted in the USA with premium full-grain leather, ensuring rugged durability and top-notch comfort. They have brass or nickel hardware, adjustable classic loop back end, extend to 58” for a one size fits all strap, and are 2” wide. 

With a timeless leather look and high quality materials, a Stringjoy leather guitar strap is a great choice for any guitarist. And if you really want to take your gift to the next level, pick-up a pair of strap locks too! 

4. TC Electronics Ditto Looper

A looper is one of the most practical tools a guitar player can have. Even if you have no plans on becoming a one-man band, they are an indispensable practice tool. Not to mention they’re the perfect way to let loose and have some fun jamming. 

If you’re looking for gifts for guitarists, it’s hard to go wrong with the TC Electronics Ditto Looper. It is a simple, no-nonsense looper. With a footswitch to start/stop recording, a single loop level knob, and uncompressed 24-bit audio, the Ditto is a great addition to any guitarist’s set-up. 

And if you’re dealing with a particularly hard to please guitarist, the Ditto’s big brother—the Ditto X2—is also a great choice. The X2 has all the same features as the Ditto, plus a separate stop/FX footswitch, effects like reverse and half time, USB connectivity, and stereo ins/outs.

5. Stringjoy Cleaning Cloth and String Conditioner Bundle

Strings get old and dirty. Changing strings is always an option, but who wants to change strings that frequently? With our cleaning cloth and string conditioner bundle, you can give your favorite guitarist the gift of strings that are smooth and sparkling well after their prime. 

Our string conditioner is all natural, eco-safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable, with an organic rust inhibitor made from cold-pressed cranberries. But don’t worry—all natural doesn’t mean ineffective; our string conditioner works. 

Just apply a little to your strings, wipe it off with the microfiber cloth, and you’ll be amazed at how fresh your strings feel. It’s 100% fretboard safe and will bring your strings back to life. And one bottle lasts seemingly forever, so your gift will keep on giving for quite some time. 

6. Positive Grid Spark Go or Mini

You might think an amp would be a pretty pricey gift, but they don’t have to be. Small, portable amps can be incredibly affordable, all while being feature filled practice tools that improve a guitarist’s sessions. 

The Positive Grid Spark Go is an ultra-portable, 5-watt guitar amp that sounds great. Thanks to Positive Grid’s computational audio technology and Spark’s software, it has 4 preset slots and over 50,000 patches available via the Spark app—making it the perfect practice tool for trips, traveling, or quiet home sessions. 

And if you think they might want a little bit more volume and capability, the Positive Grid Spark Mini is only a little bit more expensive. Even if someone has a collection of expensive tube amps, a portable practice amp that sounds great is a perfect, practical gift.  

Stringjoy Picks!
A smattering of Stringjoy picks

7. Stringjoy Pick Bundle

Picks can be a perfect holiday gift for guitarists. However, how do you know what picks to get? What if you don’t know what picks they like to use? That’s where our Stringjoy best-selling picks bundle can help.

This pack features ten picks, each being a best-seller. With this bundle, you’ll get a wide selection of great picks covering lots of ground. From small and thick jazz picks to big and thin tri-tip picks, this pack provides a ton of variety. 

No matter what picks someone uses, there’s something in this pack they’ll love. And they’ll get to try out a whole bunch of different picks too. With this many best-selling picks in a pack, you can’t go wrong!

8. Hercules Guitar Rack

A guitar rack may not be the most fun or exciting gift, but it is something that any guitarist with a growing collection will appreciate and be thankful for. 

As guitarists, we just can’t help buying new guitars. And as they pile up, storing them while keeping them accessible can be a pain. Make their life easier with a guitar rack that can keep all their guitars safe and sound, all while they’re easy to pick-up and play. 

The Hercules GS525B multi-guitar rack stores up to five guitars, acoustic or electric. It features a specially formulated foam to prevent finish damage, and it’s customizable to fit any guitar. On top of that, the one piece design makes it good for gigging too.

9. D’Addario Guitar Maintenance Kit

Set-up costs can quickly add-up for guitarists, but set-ups are relatively easy to do at home—if you have the right tools. With a D’Addario guitar maintenance kit, you can give someone the ability to maintain their own guitars and save a lot of money over the years. 

This kit includes a:

  • String winder.
  • Neck cradle.
  • Multi-tool.
  • Non-slip guitar mat.
  • Prowinder.
  • NS Capo Lite.
  • Lubrikit.
  • Fret polishing system.
  • Compact carrying case.

This kit contains all the basics a guitarist needs to start working on their own guitars, getting a better understanding of their instrument while saving some cash on set-ups. This gift is the kind of gift that just keeps on giving. 

$50 Stringjoy Gift Card

10. Gift Cards

At the end of the day, no one knows what a guitarist needs more than themselves. If you don’t want to buy the wrong thing, don’t know what to get, or just don’t want to get something someone already has, a gift card to their favorite retailer is always a great choice. 

With a Stringjoy gift card, you can give someone the freedom to shop to their heart’s content from a selection of high quality strings, straps, picks, accessories, and more. And best of all—you know they’ll get exactly what they want since they’re the one making the purchase. 

So if you’re feeling stuck or unsure about what to get, remember that gift cards are a fool-proof option. 

Celebrate the Holidays with Stringjoy

The holidays are here, and gift buying season is in full swing. Celebrate the holidays with Stringjoy. We have a huge selection of strings and accessories that make for perfect gifts. So checkout the Stringjoy shop and make this holiday the best one yet!

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  1. In one of your videos (I’ve watched most of them), you said that almost all top (3) end strings are basically the same and that most of the differences in strings comes from the Bottom (3) End. If that is true, then we should be mostly focused on purchasing the Bottom (3) strings and it won’t really matter where we get the Top (3) strings from (maybe a cheaper supplier)? Or is there something different/better about StringJoy compared to other major manufacturers?

    On another note, I’ve heard Scott mention that he has had some background/experience on a worship team? I am curious to know enough about his faith/beliefs that might motivate me to support a fellow believer’s business.

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