Stringjoy Strap Locks


Stringjoy Strap Locks

I’m going to go ahead and hazard a guess that you’re pretty fond of your guitar. If I’m right and you like both 1.) Having a guitar and 2.) Keeping it in one piece, then you should definitely consider making the marginal investment in a set of strap locks.

These little guys fit around your strap buttons outside of your strap, and keep your strap on your guitar no matter how hard you play it. They’re the same general idea as using the rubber washers from a brewery that starts with “G”, but these are white and say Stringjoy on them, so they’re extra cool.

When you click add to cart you’re buying a pack of two—good for securing the strap to one guitar—so if you want to protect your whole collection, up the quantity to grab a few sets.

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