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Stringjoy Signatures | Bulk Nickel Wound Electric Guitar Strings – 25 pc.

Need to seriously stock up? Have we got you covered? Boy howdy, do we ever.

Our bulk strings come in packs of 25, coiled in individual envelopes. Depending on the gauge and availability, these may take a little longer to make than a typical order (typically not more than 5 working days).

Oh yeah, and because this has come up a few times, these are single gauge. If you select “.010”, you will be getting twenty-five .010s. If you think you found a cheat code to get twenty-five 10-48 sets for $28, you did not.

All gauges lighter than .018 are plain steel, all heavier than .026 are wound. On gauges where we overlap, “p” signifies plain steel, “w” signifies a wound string.

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