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Stringjoy Broadways | Custom Pure Nickel Electric Guitar Strings

Stringjoy Broadways are our homage to vintage round core, pure nickel guitar strings, but done better. More nickel, more flexibility, and the longest-lasting tone you’ve experienced in a set of electric guitar strings.

We took a classic approach to the gauges on our Broadway sets with just a few limited offerings in this line. But what if you want a balanced set? Or a perfect set for an alternate tuning? Or a wackadoo set that looks crazy to most but is perfect for you? Well friend, that’s why we’ve got custom options to suit your needs, at no extra charge of course.

Sound good? Rad. Select your ideal gauges from the drop-down menus below, and hit the red button to add these to your cart.

All gauges lighter than .018 are plain steel, all heavier than .026 are wound. On gauges where we overlap, “p” signifies plain steel, “w” signifies a wound string.


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