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What's the Deal With DADGAD Tuning?

What’s the Deal With DADGAD Tuning?

Drop into DADGAD DADGAD doesn’t get the respect it deserves! While It often makes an early appearance in the guitar-playing journey, it is usually abandoned …

A vintage Alamo guitar leaning again a pair of Guitar Cabinets

Do Guitar Cabinets Really Make A Difference?

It can be easy to stick to what we know when it comes to guitar gear. Whether you’re playing the local clubs, touring stadiums or …

Chord Progressions: The Ultimate Guide for Songwriting

Chord Progressions: Unlock the Secrets to Songwriting

Chord progressions are like drum patterns, bass lines, or basic rhythms; there are fewer of them than you think, and they can all be reused …

Fender Stratocaster on an amp

Leo Fender: The History and Legacy of the Man Behind the Guitars

A name synonymous with six-strings, Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender was doubtless one of the most influential people in the world of modern music. Leo Fender’s …

Wound G String (or Wound 3rd): Is It Right For You?

Wound G String (or Wound 3rd): Is It Right For You?

Is a wound G string or a wound 3rd the right move for you and your guitar? We look into the history, usage, advantages and disadvantages to help you decide.

Recording Electric Guitar

How To Record Electric Guitar: Understanding Mics and Mic Placement

Recording electric guitar is both an art and a science, but this guide gives you the basics of how to record electric guitar.

Guitar Case Essentials: A Survival Guide

Don’t leave for a gig without these essential guitar accessories in your case.

Can You Use a Plain 4th Guitar String?

We see enough people ordering plain 4th strings in custom sets of Stringjoys that we thought we’d try out a plain 4th ourselves.

Oddball Guitars with Built-In Effects

Depending on who you ask, guitars with built-in effects are either a step in the right direction or an absolute abomination.

Nashville Tuning, but Tuned Down?

What happens when you tune a guitar to Nashville Tuning, but then tune it down four half-steps to C Standard?

Set Phasers to Stun: The History and Uses of the Phase Shifter

What exactly defines a phaser effect? How does a phase shifter differ from other modulation effects? Here’s what you need to know.

What’s the Deal with Dumble Amps?

The closer a look we take at the realm of rock’n’roll’s colorful history, it seems the more questions we find than answers. Who exactly was …

Hollow and Semi-Hollow Body Guitars: The Complete Guide

Semi-acoustic guitars can often be a source of confusion and misconception. How’s a hollow body different from an acoustic? Can you play rock on a …

Guitar Action: The Complete Guide

Guitar Action: The Complete Guide to String Height & Action Adjustments

Setting the perfect guitar action is the key to get your instrument sounding and playing how it should. Here’s everything you need to know about action.

12-String Guitar: From the Street to the Stage

12-String Guitar: From the Street to the Stage

Curious about the history of the 12-string guitar? From Lead Belly to Pink Floyd trace the mysterious journey behind this popular folk instrument.

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