Acoustic Strings on Electric Guitar: Revisited

Acoustic and Electric guitars

A few years back we tried some of our Acoustic Guitar Strings on Electric guitar, it did not turn out too well. Frankly, it sounded bad. We decided to take the lessons we learned there and try them again.

Sure it works, but can these Bronze heavy strings sound good both electrically and acoustically? We gave it our best try.

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2 Responses

  1. 😜pretty good sounds overall
    Might try using a Taylor T5. That’s an real acoustic electric guitar too 👍👏🤙☑️🤘

  2. Once again very entertaining Scott. And yes everything sounds “better” with FUZZ. LOL.
    I wanted to tell you the Stringjoy nickel bass strings I recently put on my ’77 Stingray are killer!
    I tuned to pitch and they haven’t budged. They are warm with just the right amount of punch for my taste and the tension is very comfortable. Thanks.

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