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Stringjoy Custom 4 String Medium Scale Nickel Wound Bass Guitar Strings

Your tone starts with your strings. That’s why Stringjoy will always let you hand pick your string gauges—so you can choose the perfect strings for your bass and your playing style.

Want a .020 on the top and a .145 on the bottom? We can do that. I wouldn’t recommend it, but we can do it. Want each string to be a .060? I’m not sure why you would, but we can make it happen.

Need some help finding the right set up? Check out our String Tension Calculator, or let us design a set for you.

Our Medium Scale Nickel-Plated Steel Roundwound bass string sets have a taper at 34.5″ from the ball end. This is the ideal taper-length for most 31″ and 32″ scale basses.

Once you’ve settled on the right gauges, just hit the red button below to add ’em to your cart.


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