Why do the tail ends look different on my bass strings?

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The tails on our bass strings are halfwound to better enable the string to wind around the tuning peg and hold tune once it’s there. The process is very similar to how “silked” end strings are made, but we leave off the silk.

The nickel wrap which comes in contact with your tuning peg is a softer metal than the peg, so it won’t scratch or dent your peg.

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  1. Thank you! One of the few manufacturers that has dodged the silk wrap. Finally. Or got it why it’s totally uneccessary these days. GHS, Rotosound, et al has still got them. I gave GHS a row, on YT when they flaunted their 4 string BEAD set. I asked them if I could use them on my Dingwall 4 string with fanned frets from 34″ – 36.25″ and they said no, the silk wrap will go well over the nut and/or the bridge.

    The funny thing is today, when you buy a set (any) you can’t ever tell if it has silk wrap or not, until you break the package and expose the strings. No shop I know of will do this when asked, and their websites tells us nothing.

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