Who pays import duties/tariffs?

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Due to the wealth of country tax and tariff codes the world over, any and all import duties or fees on international orders are the responsibility of the purchaser. We cannot emphasize this enough.

If we pay to make and ship your order, then you refuse to pay any duties or tariffs associated with it, we will not refund you the actual cost of shipping your item.

There are two things you must never do, and please read these carefully:

First, do not write us asking to declare the cost of your item under its retail value. This is illegal and we have absolutely no incentive to do it. We won’t, so don’t even ask.

Second, and this is the big one: do not write us to complain about any import duties or fees your own government charges you. We have nothing to do with this. If your government charges import duties or fees that you find disagreeable, write a letter, vote differently, but one way or another—take it up with them. It’s not our fault or responsibility.

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