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Recording Electric Guitar

How To Record Electric Guitar: Understanding Mics and Mic Placement

Recording electric guitar is both an art and a science, but this guide gives you the basics of how to record electric guitar.

What’s the Deal with Dumble Amps?

The closer a look we take at the realm of rock’n’roll’s colorful history, it seems the more questions we find than answers. Who exactly was …

Hollow and Semi-Hollow Body Guitars: The Complete Guide

Semi-acoustic guitars can often be a source of confusion and misconception. How’s a hollow body different from an acoustic? Can you play rock on a …

Guitar Action: The Complete Guide

Guitar Action: The Complete Guide to String Height & Action Adjustments

Setting the perfect guitar action is the key to get your instrument sounding and playing how it should. Here’s everything you need to know about action.

12-String Guitar: From the Street to the Stage

12-String Guitar: From the Street to the Stage

Curious about the history of the 12-string guitar? From Lead Belly to Pink Floyd trace the mysterious journey behind this popular folk instrument.

David Gilmour’s Guitar String Gauges

David Gilmour’s Guitar String Gauges

For the axe-slinging rockers of the world, guitar string gauges simply can’t be overlooked. Cue David Gilmour, guitarist and co-vocalist of Pink Floyd, who – like many of the leading strummers of the past few decades – has opted for custom string gauges to craft his unique sounds.

How To Intonate A Guitar Quickly and Easily

How To Intonate A Guitar Quickly and Easily

The best way to set up and intonate your electric guitar to be perfectly in tune across the whole neck.

Guitar Fretboard Woods: Why We Use the Woods We Do

Guitar Fretboard Woods: The Ultimate Guide

An element of guitar specs that is often overlooked is your fretboard (sometimes also called a fingerboard)—specifically, what it’s made of.  There are almost innumerable …

Baritone Guitar Strings

Baritone Guitar: Origins, Tunings and Place in Modern Culture

Since it first entered popular consciousness in the mid-1950s, the baritone guitar has proved itself to be an indispensable part of any guitarist’s arsenal. With …

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