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Stringjoy Guitar Blog

Guitar & Bass Knowledge.
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On The Stringjoy guitar blog, we write about guitar history, guitar gear, music theory, and yes, occasionally strings.

How the Flying V and Explorer Came About

Ahead Of Their Time: How the Flying V and Explorer Guitars Came About

The Flying V and the Explorer are two of the most iconic guitars of all time. Dave Davies, Allen Collins, Jimi Hendrix, The Edge, Neil Young, Albert King, Brent Hinds, …

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Guitar Pedals With Bucket Brigade Chips

How Bucket Brigade Chips Changed Guitar Forever

If you’re a gear obsessive like many guitar players out there, you’ve probably heard about bucket brigade chips—the legendary chips that allowed for convenient and practical analog delay pedals, as …

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We cover the different types of magnets commonly used in guitar pickups and how they compare with one another in terms of output and tone.

Pickup Magnet Types: Alnico vs Ceramic

When it comes to the tone of an electric guitar, pickups are one of the most important factors. They can take your tone from warm and smooth to sharp and …

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Close-up photo of an SG style guitar being played.

History of Guitar Pick Materials

Guitar picks can seem fairly simple; you just need a little piece of some material that you can use to strum the strings. But most guitar players know first-hand that …

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Photo of a person playing an acoustic guitar against a dark background.

Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Beginners

Learning to play acoustic guitar is an endlessly rewarding pursuit. Being able to play your favorite songs, write songs, and connect with others is incredibly satisfying and fun. However, the …

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A black and white close up photo of someone playing a Stratocaster.

Why Guitar Strings Buzz

String buzz is an issue that nearly every guitar player runs into at some point. You get your guitar, go to play it, and you hear a buzzing sound that …

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Close up photo of an acoustic guitar, looking down from the neck.

Acoustic Guitar Bracing Types

Most guitarists probably don’t know much about the insides of their acoustic guitars, other than their inexplicable ability to make picks disappear into the ether. The focus is typically on …

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Photo of a sunburst acoustic guitar looking up from the bridge.

Acoustic Guitar String Gauges: Which Is Best For You?

While it may seem inconsequential to beginners, the strings you put on your acoustic guitar have a massive impact on your tone and playing. Unlike electric guitars where tone can …

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Photo of a Tele-style Acoustasonic on a wood background.

Best Strings for Acoustasonic

Though Fender’s Acoustasonic guitars had some doubters when they initially came out, they have proven to be a versatile and valuable tool in the guitar arsenal of many pros. Acoustasonics …

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Photo of Sonny Sharrock on-stage tuning his guitar.

Sonny Sharrock: An Overlooked Jazz Guitarist

Sonny Sharrock is one of jazz guitar’s most singular figures; he was one of the only guitarists in the first wave of free-jazz and one of the only jazz guitarists …

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Photo of a man playing a white telecaster on stage.

Drop Tuning Guitar Strings: What Gauges Are Best?

Is there anything more satisfying than drop tuning your guitar and letting those low notes drone? Personally, I don’t think so. However, drop tuning your guitar opens up a whole …

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Photo of a man on-stage playing a guitar behind his back.

Best Guitar Strings For Sweaty Hands

If you’ve been playing guitar for a while, you’re well acquainted with the struggle of sweaty hands and corroded strings. You go on stage, play a great show, pack your …

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What's Up With Walsh Guitars

What’s It Like Building Guitars Full-Time? An Interview with Walsh Guitars

One of the relationships we really value at Stringjoy is our relationships with our builders, our luthiers, large scale, small scale. If you’re making something cool, we’re probably fans, and …

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Guitar String Gauges in Millimeters

Guitar String Gauges in MM: A Helpful Guide

What are Guitar String Gauges in MM? This short guide will help you convert any guitar string gauge you see into millimeters in a flash.

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CIJ Fenders vs MIJ Fenders: Is There a Difference?

What’s better, a CIJ Fender or an MIJ Fender? Is there a difference? We dig into the history of “Crafted in Japan” and “Made in Japan” Fender guitars to try and get to the bottom of it.

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