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Acoustic and Electric guitars

Acoustic Strings on Electric Guitar: Revisited

A few years back we tried some of our Acoustic Guitar Strings on Electric guitar, it did not turn out too well. Frankly, it sounded …

The Guitar Strings I Used To Play

What Guitar Strings I Used To Play…

Believe It or Not, I Didn’t Always Own A Guitar String Company Let’s take a trip down memory lane and talk about the guitar strings …

Stringjoy founder Scott shows off a freshly crafted Strings to Rhett Shull

Stringjoy Factory Tour with Rhett Shull

Our friend Rhett Shull took a trip to Nashville and asked to see what makes our process so unique – how could we say no!? …

What's the Deal With DADGAD Tuning?

What’s the Deal With DADGAD Tuning?

Drop into DADGAD DADGAD doesn’t get the respect it deserves! While It often makes an early appearance in the guitar-playing journey, it is usually abandoned …

A vintage Alamo guitar leaning again a pair of Guitar Cabinets

Do Guitar Cabinets Really Make A Difference?

It can be easy to stick to what we know when it comes to guitar gear. Whether you’re playing the local clubs, touring stadiums or …

Chord Progressions: The Ultimate Guide for Songwriting

Chord Progressions: Unlock the Secrets to Songwriting

Chord progressions are like drum patterns, bass lines, or basic rhythms; there are fewer of them than you think, and they can all be reused …

Guitar Case Essentials: A Survival Guide

Don’t leave for a gig without these essential guitar accessories in your case.

Nashville Tuning, but Tuned Down?

What happens when you tune a guitar to Nashville Tuning, but then tune it down four half-steps to C Standard?

Where Did the Wah Pedal Come From?

There’s a long and fascinating history behind the wah pedal we know today. What started out as a trick of brass instrumentalists in the 1920s …

45 Guitar Tone Tips

The Ultimate Guitar Tone Guide: 61 Tone Tips to Take Your Playing to the Next Level

The biggest, most thorough list of guitar tone tips ever assembled. These tips will help you improve your guitar tone, whether you mainly play on stage, in the studio, or just in your room.

8 Alternatives to Popular Electric Guitar Models

8 Alternatives to Classic Electric Guitar Models

While there is nothing wrong with plugging a Strat into a vintage Marshall and getting after it, some of us just need something a little more…personal.

Guitar Neck Shapes: A Guide to C, V, and U Neck Profiles

Guitar Neck Shapes: A Guide to C, V, and U Neck Profiles

As any player with a few notches on their belt knows, not all guitar necks are the same. Sure, they have a lot in common, …

Scale Length Comparison: Fender vs Gibson, What's the Difference?

Scale Length Comparison: Fender vs Gibson, What’s the Difference?

How do Fender and Gibson scale lengths compare? In our Scale Length Comparison we look at the 4 main differences between these two classic scale lengths.

Using Motifs to Make Your Guitar Solos Memorable

Using Motifs to Make Your Guitar Solos Memorable

Are guitar solos all about shredding? They can be, but there’s something to be said for a solo that catches your ear with a great hook.

Annoying Guitar Things

We’ve all got ’em, things about guitars or guitar gear that just get under our skin. Pet peeves, if you will. Well, these are ours.

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