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Photo of a light blue Stratocaster sitting on an amp.

Slap… Guitar?

We’ve all heard slap bass, but what about slap guitar? Though it’s not as common to see guitarists utilize slapping, it’s a technique that has …

Photo of a man playing a Hofner violin bass.

Bass Guitar Scale Lengths

Scale length is something that often gets overlooked by musicians, especially by those who are less gear-obsessed. But when it comes to bass, bass guitar …

Photo of a man playing a Jazzmaster in a white room.

The History of the Fender Jazzmaster

The Jazzmaster is one of Fender’s flagship guitars, and guitar players of all genres and styles use it. Robert Smith of the Cure, Nels Cline …

Close-up photo of a modern Martin guitar in a room.

Why Are Pre-War Martin Guitars So Expensive?

There are few things more iconic in music than a Martin acoustic guitar. When most people think of an acoustic guitar, they picture a Martin …

Fender Telecaster with Humbucker

How Was the Humbucker Invented?

From Joe Pass to Slash, the humbucker pickup is an iconic piece of gear that has helped countless guitarists dial in their perfect tone. Their …

What Goes Into Guitar Strings?

What Are Guitar Strings Made From?

Phosphor Bronze, 80/20 bronze, hex core, round core, nickel wound, pure nickel—need I go on? There are a lot of materials used in the production …

Guitar in Pop Music

Into New Territories: Guitar Expands into Novel Genres

Familiar Beginnings When you think of the guitar, what comes to mind? A killer rock song? A soulful folk ballad? A vibrant, high-energy punk jam? …

Eastman Guitar

How to Make Your Acoustic Guitar Sound Better, at Home!

Acoustic guitars may seem like one-trick ponies to a lot of guitarists. After all, it’s just wood and strings, right? Not Quite! There are several …

Quarter Tone Guitar Tuning: How To Get More Notes With Less Cash

All over the world, there are incredible instruments that use scales totally different than ours, many of these instruments get these notes by having a …

How To Write A Song

How to Write A Song: The Musicians Manifesto

Now that you have studied chord progressions and music theory basics, it’s time to write a song! First, we will review some essential steps and …

Hexaphonic Guitar

Hexaphonic Guitar: Every String Is A Star!

In the 60’s we saw a revolution of stereophonic guitar, Gibson, Rickenbacher (kinda), and Gretsch brought these unique instruments to the market that split your …

A Multi-Effect In Use

Multi-Effect Pedals: All in One, or All for None?

The multi-effects pedal is one of the most impressive and creative inventions in artistic technology of the last century. The ability to distort, modulate, and …

Upside Down Guitar – Not Just For Leftys!

So many legendary lefthanded guitarists (say that 10 times fast) started their musical journey on right-handed guitars flipped upside down. Most either upgrade to a …

Who's That Flanger?

Was I Wrong About Flanger Pedals?

Sometimes, you try a pedal and it completely turns you off from that type of effect. I thought I hated fuzz as a young guitarist …

The Legendary Tony Rice

Tony Rice: King of the Flat Pick

Welcome To The Stage Tony Rice is a household name among fans of acoustic music. If you are an acoustic guitarist, it is hard to …

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